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Main » 2013 » August » 13 » 918mGzrC2
1:43 PM
While Venus and Mars exert their influence to be sure, I feel like the sun and the moon hold <a href="">dinefrfet</a> sorts of sway; the tide-governing moon, waxing and waning, relates to the feminine (which, of course, pulses latently in men just as the masculine does in women), to non-linear, non-causal, mystical aspects of life. Meanwhile, the sun, even though it too ebbs from solstice to equinox, is also more of a dark-light separator (a clock maker as much as a calendar maker) from which causal, logical, enlightenment sort of thinking derives.It is these opposites that also attract (and at the same time quarrel)—the material (which is truly feminine in Chinese thought, or at least Yin) and the spiritual (which is more Yang/masculine). The irony of modern life, along with its alienation, seems to be that men have become materialists and it is women who hunger for soul, spirit and higher love (yet when women want to nest, the man sometimes feels trapped and burdened perhaps some men nest in their sports cars?).We are all sensual animal beings and illuminated spirit beings, we are also truly social (i.e. interconnected) beings.Whether opposites attract or dust it up, in the end it is the confluence of opposites that make more than the whole—it makes the magic.Either way, here's to women, and to loving them in all their multiplicity.
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